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CO-TON COLON COMPLEX with Goldenseal (Co-ton) 100 Caps


3.8 average, based on 5 reviews

Product Information

Co-ton is one of our most popular products. Please see the review below from one of our happy customers (thank you for your reviews).

Poor bowel habits can be the result of poor muscle tone of the colon. Co-ton is a herbal formula that may help to improve bowel elimination and tone the bowel muscle .The complex can be taken orally in quantity for quite long periods of time without danger. It is recommended that the complex should be continued for up to 6 months after normal bowel movements are attained, ensuring that it is helping to treat the cause not just the symptoms. It can also be effective as part of a detox regime due to its cleansing properties which can actively work on other organs of the body.

It is very important that adequate water is consumed when taking colon complex especially if it is part of a detox regime

Start by taking 2 capsules 3 times daily with meals.  If the stool appears loose, then reduce the dosage.  If it is still difficult to get a bowel movement or the stool is too hard or undue straining is required, then increase the dosage accordingly until the movements become soft and well formed. 

It is essential to intake water.

For IBS take 1-4 capsules with evening meal.

Ingredients: Fennel; Barberry; Cascara;Ginger; Turkey Rhubarb; Cayenne; Golden Seal; Lobelia; Raspberry.


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Goldenseal Root is used in regular colon complex, although an extremely useful herb, it should not be used long-term. One reason for this is, being a liver herb; it could possibly cause toxins to be eliminated too quickly causing nausea and headaches. Additionally, a few people have an adverse reaction to Goldenseal. It is suggested, therefore, that the product is alternated with regular Colon Complex. Individuals with Candida or leaky gut syndrome should avoid goldenseal until the condition is under control.

Product Code: COTQHC853

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 3.8

Don't hesitate just buy!

Absolutely amazing product, very gentle but exceptionally effective. Cannot speak highly enough of this product. Relieves bloating also and has virtually stopped my need to have regular colonics! If you have trouble going please do not hesitate but buy this - it is wonderful!

Dawn Howard :: Feb 21 2016, 16:31 PM


This product is totally amazing it was recommended to try after trying numerous laxatives with littleaffect. I used to be very constipated going maybe once a week if that. Now I have started using this I go every day. It worked instantly. I love this product it has made a huge difference to my life. Recommend it to anyone.

Cara Robinson :: Mar 16 2015, 07:30 AM


I can not begin to tell you how good this natural product is ! This was introduced to me by the specialist that performs my colonic's , she recognised my problem and sympathised with my symptoms greatly as i was only going to toilet once every 8-9 days . Without being too graphic , the irregular toilet patterns were not the only problem , as my fellow sufferers will acknowledge! Up until this point i have tried literally everything.... this really is the only thing that works! I still get the cramps but at least there is a release . I now take 1 a day and i am becoming a lot more regular . This is not just a quick fix laxative this trains your colon to work for ever . I have recommended this to others that suffer and this has changed there life also . This is a must !! Thanks CO-TON !! Claire Derbyshire

CLAIRE :: Jan 09 2015, 13:16 PM



AARON :: Dec 21 2011, 11:57 AM


I have been using the coton tablets for a while now and i cannot believe the difference that they have made to my life. Before i started taking them i could hardly ever go to the loo i used to have regular colonics to help with my bowel functions, but now i go to the loo daily i dont suffer from the bloating and feeling ill for days on end. They are absolutely brilliant, i have recommended them to lots of friends who are now using them and are as happy as me.

ANGELA STEVENSON :: Sep 11 2011, 15:21 PM

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